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  2. This post is to discuss the basic functionality of the egaas and assist those who are new and are installing the egaas system.
  3. Good evening, If anyone is interested in selling their EGS, I'm willing to buy. Send me a message on linkedin or twitter and we discuss the terms. Have a great day!
  4. Здравствуйте Vicrius! Это происходит из-за большого количества блоков. Мы постараемся ускорить процесс
  5. Добрый день! Почему так медленно качается блокчейн. Уже два дня всего 70 мегабайт.
  6. It is not possible to use Lite client for forging.
  7. I gave up with full node. Can I use Lite client for forging? What host name and wallet address should I specify?
  8. Here are the settings I use
  9. OK, so I'm doing something wrong. When I'm installing, should I check on "Generate first block" or not? It's checked on by default. It would be helpful to provide some instructions how to fill fields on Installation screen. Anyway, I have installed Lite version and restored my ICO wallet. How can I start forging? What is host name and wallet address?
  10. Collected from scratch. Two accounts, both with coins. Everything works correctly with me.
  11. I started the assembly from scratch to test it. Soon I will write the result.
  12. Hi, I have installed a full node 1.0 but don't understand how to connect it to main net. Looks like it started to generate blocks and create a local net. Obviously my imported ICO wallet is empty. Please advise.
  13. Ah right, just found my Seed...
  14. Hello! You can find them in the your EGS-wallet)
  15. Hi there, I participated at the ICO. How can I get my EGS? Thank You, teletobi
  16. Hello Adam, Egaas uses dPoS, own source codes, own network. Anyone can setup own node, at the moment we have 2 nodes.
  17. Hello, if I understand correctly, you have your own network, on which the blockchain "runs". What kind of network is that? Who is running the nodes? How trustworthy are they and why? And how many nodes are they? Thank you for your answers Adam
  18. Прошу прощения, с форума не приходили уведомления о сообщениях. Там при первом входе нужно выбрать приватный ключ, который лежит в установочной директории. P.S. Сделаем, чтобы ключ брался автоматически.
  19. Вот такая ошибка получается при попытке создать тестовое государство в системе. Установил по вашим инструкциям отсюда (, запустил базу, программа подключилась, показывает создание блоков, но при потом выдает ошибку. Что я делаю не так? ) [ERROR] incorrect public_key (parser.(*Parser).generalCheck : 45) (parser.(*Parser).NewStateFront : 43) [currency_name] = TestCurrency [hash] = 54f95a415b28e7399718e1f66a428665308e3453de280f32ca6f7ee886643a64 [time] = 1486059599 [user_id] = 91455521909 (controllers.(*Controller).TxStatus : 34)
  20. eGaaS is a blockchain-based global distributed database with embedded smart contract protocol. eGaaS obtains its legal backing from an agreement between nations associated with peer-to-peer (P2P) network nodes, which store the full blockchain version, thus providing data security and validity.
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