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  1. Hello Adam, Egaas uses dPoS, own source codes, own network. Anyone can setup own node, at the moment we have 2 nodes.
  2. Прошу прощения, с форума не приходили уведомления о сообщениях. Там при первом входе нужно выбрать приватный ключ, который лежит в установочной директории. P.S. Сделаем, чтобы ключ брался автоматически.
  3. Thank you for your question. The eGaaS platform operates on the single blockchain, which can ensure international cooperation and creation of a common information space. But states and communities can create private tables outside the blockchain, keeping in it only hash.
  4. Добры день. Давайте обсуждать) P.S. От имени eGaaS отвечает Александр Болдачев. Если вам удобнее мы можем выбрать другое место для обсуждения.
  5. eGaaS is a blockchain-based global distributed database with embedded smart contract protocol. eGaaS obtains its legal backing from an agreement between nations associated with peer-to-peer (P2P) network nodes, which store the full blockchain version, thus providing data security and validity.
  6. eGaaS main mission is to free people, business and government from routine bureaucratic procedures and to provide a tool for organizing any activity and exercising control over it without the usual document workflow and intermediaries.
  7. Alpha testing of the basic version is currently ongoing. Full node clients for Win, OSX, Linux; lite for IOS, and Android are ready.