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  1. Hope no one minds if we drop some news here related. "For Strate, that means further development of its ethereum-based proxy-voting tool, developed last year." "Similar to the work being done by financial services firm Broadridge (which last year invested an industry-leading $95m to make it easier to make corporate voting decisions), Strate wants to make it easier to vote transparently, anywhere" - coindesk
  2. What if electronic voting was 100% trusted. Electronic voting gets more demanding then ever. Trump election supposedly wasn't trusted because of hackers. Paper voting and stamp isn't trusted and is always full and dull. Look what happen when 60 % of a country haven't went to voting and then had to go to streets to protest. Date: 05/02.2017 County: Romania City: Bucharest Protestants: 150.000 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154389906136243&id=60005271242 If people trusted 100% electronic voting and if it was accessible and easy
  3. Thanks for reply. Do you plan to release the second ico on an exchanged directly, or through eGaaS platform accordingly? Everyone thought the exchange would follow by default after the ico. On both exchanges (listed for votes) required an amount of votes beyond any free vote capability. Show us you could vote the "half way" and we would see the rest. December 15:
  4. Really it was promised that on 15 December last year, the team will find an suitable exchange. All this quiet ignorance only hurts the project. It's more then a month since the expectation. More ico ahead, and the first one kind of failed the expectations nevertheless. All it seems that the team either gave up or is waiting for http://blockchainvirtualgovhack.com